Concrete is sourced locally, produced locally and consumed locally.

Concrete is a locally sourced material, compared with steel which must be imported or timber which is often shipped from as far away as Eastern Europe. In addition the ingredients that go into making concrete – aggregates, cement, and water – are also sourced locally. Most ready-mixed concrete is only transported 20km to 30km from the production plant to the construction site.

Stimulating the local economy

Concrete is a local business, employing local people. There are over 4,000 people directly employed in the aggregates and concrete products industry throughout Ireland. Many of these jobs are provided in areas where little alternative employment exists. Therefore, not only are concrete products used to construct local houses and buildings, the wages earned in this local business are pumped back into the local economy, creating further jobs and wealth – local Irish products for the local Irish market!

Skilled Workers

The local concrete business has been an integral part of the local economy for decades and in many cases, generations. Local skills and expertise, built up from years of experience, continue to be used today to manufacture high quality and innovative and exciting new products to meet the ever-changing needs of clients.

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible sourcing of construction products is an increasingly important issue for specifiers and clients. Of all construction products, concrete is best placed to deliver the highest level of responsible sourcing due to the local availability of materials and short delivery distances. Because concrete is locally sourced it means that monitoring its supply chain and ensuring its adherence to environmental, social, regulatory and legislative requirements is straightforward.

Reducing Environmental Impacts

Concrete and its ingredients are abundantly available in Ireland and therefore there are negligible transport emissions generated in its delivery to site, thereby greatly reducing the environmental impact of concrete when compared to other imported materials.

There are 4,000 people employed in the Irish concrete industry.

There are 200 local manufacturers of concrete throughout Ireland.

Unlike steel and timber, concrete is not imported into Ireland.

‘Fabric First with Concrete’ – The first step to maximise the building’s performance!